Daily Archives: November 13, 2015

Pumpkinrot 2015

A long time ago, longer now than it seems…. When I started getting back into the spirit of decorating for Halloween, I would wander the internet, searching for inspiration. It was a time before Pinterest, Instagram or FaceBook, when photos weren’t so widely shared and searching for something was exactly that… Searching! I stumbled on to a website where an artist, known to many only as “PumpkinRot” provided much of that inspiration I sought. His unique style created an organic look that really appealed to me and the direction I wanted to see my haunt going. Now, several years later, He continues to inspire not only myself, but thousands of others around the world. As for that organic style that he’s mastered; it now has a name. It is “PumpkinRot”.

Here is a look at PumpkinRot’s 2015 Home Haunt Video…. My hats off to you Sir, for you are a true artist.