Award Winning

It is with great pride that I get to announce that we took 2nd place in the 2015 Halloween FX Prop Building Contest with our Cemetery Archway.

It was a contest entry that almost didn’t happen. If it’s not evident from the lack of Vlogs and Posts, much of this summer was spent maximizing the time spent with my Daughter. Frequent trips to the Six Flags Theme Park, Lake George and other such destinations occupied much of the time that would have otherwise been spent building props. I’m not sorry for that, as it was a fantastic summer filled with a lot of fun, but it left me far behind on the project I had hoped to be able to enter into the contest. As Savannah’s Summer Vacation came to a close, crunch time began. With a lot of luck (and maybe a little bit of skill) the Archway project came together with amazing speed. As the deadline closed in, the stone pillar bases were still far from complete. The snide chuckle and condescending “Good Luck!” of a fellow entrant echoed in my mind and drove me to completion. With great focus and effort, I was able to finish off the bases and assemble the finished prop with about an hour of daylight left. Photos were taken and the entry made.

While I was confident in my accomplishment, the contest entries left no room for expectations. I was sitting in a pool of some of the most talented haunters in the community, and they were all bringing their “A Game”. In the end, The Davis Graveyard claimed the win with a beautifully crafted Tombstone Statue they called the “Kiss of Death”. It was a win most righteously deserved.