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From the shadows

I strongly believe that effective lighting is a key element in any haunt. I have seen well designed and highly detailed haunts ruined by poor lighting. Likewise, I have seen tiny home haunts create grand displays simply by putting a little bit of thought into their lighting.


Here, 6 red LED spotlights were used to up-light the cornstalks from just inside of the outermost row. This not only gave the cornfield an eerie glow, but also cast larger than life shadows on the otherwise plain blue siding. A pair of green “Fire & Ice” lights were placed behind the cornfield for added effect. In addition to the great shadowing, this lighting left an actor occupied area in the foreground completely void of light and left our actor as a mere silhouette. This kept our visitors guessing if he was real, or just a prop.

Blackstone Cemetery

When it comes to making new Halloween props, one of my favorite projects is the addition of new tombstones for our Graveyard. Carving myown tombstone has become a matter of pride, and when it comes to detail, I hold nothing back. It’s no surprize that I also respect, and admire others who do the same. Hector Turner, the artist behind A Haunted Halloween at Blackstone Cemetery, an Ontario based home haunt, is one deserving of that respect. His 2010 submission to HauntForum’s $20 prop challenge, an H.P. Lovecraft tombstone, is a prime example of the thought and detail that show in his work. Here are a few photos of the Turner family’s home haunt for the 2010 Halloween season.

It also warrants mention that their Witch Potions Shelf proved
to be a considerable inspiration on the construction of our own.

Season of Shadows

Still one of my favorites, the artistry of John Wolfe’s Season of Shadows never fails to impress me. This year, John chose to shift the direction of his haunt to a more organic look. Replacing the familliar foam tombstones with more crude, twine bound crosses of decaying wood was only one of the steps he took towards attaining that goal. Ultimately, I would have to say that his challenge was well met.

Johns biggest new project for the year was his Angel of Death. A formidable entity to oversee his display, this massive demon sports a wingspan of about 12 feet. I can only imagine the effect this beast had on the passing Trick-or-Treaters.