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A new look.

As if it’s not evident, we have began working on a long overdue site update. While the look is new, most of the content, thus far, is unchanged. That however, will be changing over the next few weeks. Some much needed updates to the content are in the works, and there will be a lot of new content coming very soon.

One new section you may have noticed is the “Vault”. We have created this section as a place to share some of our past creations. There will be a lot of content added to this section of website over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back often.

Another new section slated for creation is the “support” page. Here we will highlight the different ways you can help keep The Haunting Grounds alive. It will also serve as a place to thank those who have helped support this project through various means.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us, feel free to Contact us.

Site Updates

Hi all. Hope you all had a great 2011 Halloween season.

This winter, I will be making a few changes to the site that I feel are necessary at this time. One of the biggest changes will be the repurposing of the Blog. I have never been much of a blogger. The occasional random posts have done nothing to benefit the site nor its visitors, and have created too much work for me in dealing with comment spam. Instaed, I will be using the Blog portion of the site to post news related directly to this site and the home haunt about which it was created. Basically, I’ll just be using the blog to announce updates and new content, though I may throw in an occasional miscellaneous tidbit. I will also be disabling comments for all sections of the site. every month, I recieve hundreds of spam comments, and very little else. For those of you who have commented in the past, I thank you. I still welcome feedback via email and enjoy hearing from my visitors, so feel free to write.

Aside from the blog, I have a few asthetic changes, and other minor tweaks planned. I hope to have these all completed within the next month or so, and plan to focus alot more effort on completing the missing content that has been looming over my head for the past two years.