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Pumpkinrot 2015

A long time ago, longer now than it seems…. When I started getting back into the spirit of decorating for Halloween, I would wander the internet, searching for inspiration. It was a time before Pinterest, Instagram or FaceBook, when photos weren’t so widely shared and searching for something was exactly that… Searching! I stumbled on to a website where an artist, known to many only as “PumpkinRot” provided much of that inspiration I sought. His unique style created an organic look that really appealed to me and the direction I wanted to see my haunt going. Now, several years later, He continues to inspire not only myself, but thousands of others around the world. As for that organic style that he’s mastered; it now has a name. It is “PumpkinRot”.

Here is a look at PumpkinRot’s 2015 Home Haunt Video…. My hats off to you Sir, for you are a true artist.

On to the next…

Well, it’s that time of year again. The bins are packed and all that remains to remind us of Halloween in the house is a bowl of unclaimed treats. This year was one of my favorites by far. The weather was perfect, the turnout was fantastic. Everything seemed to fall into place just perfectly for a change. Everyone had such a great time, and yet I find myself increasingly disappointed in the overall appearance of things. I have long been a proponent of hand made props, yet I find more and more store bought items creeping their way into the haunt. This year, I am hoping to remedy that. We have some new plans that, if all goes accordingly, will bring in some new theme potential, and give way for some new props. So keep an eye on this page. I’ll be posting progress updates very soon on my newest project, the “Swamp Hag”.

News Coverage

So… Well, we made the news again this year. Unfortunately, I have thus far been unable to ascertain the video. We’ll keep trying, and I’ll post an update if we can get the video. Until then, Happy Halloween everyone.

Organ Donor

On a recent visit to John Wolfe’s Season of Shadows, I was introduced to this little gem. I’ve enjoyed watching this one so much that I really had to share it. This is the music video for the song Organ Donor from Jeremy Messersmith’s latest album, “The Reluctant Graveyard”. Thanks again John for turning me on to this one. For anyone interested, I’ve included the lyrics below the video. Enjoy!

I was born in a mortuary
Full of worry
Ice water in my veins
Gave my heart in the school library
Never knew her name

Lost my tongue in the sanctuary
“Heaven spare me!”
Hands raised above my head
Sent my brain to the seminary
Never seen again…

Swing low
Grey bones
I don’t know
If I’ll ever be whole again

Left my spine in the wedding chapel
Full of people
Feet turning into lead
Lost a leg at the iron foundry
Where they found me dead

Drained my blood at the mortuary
No more worry
Ice water in my veins
Took my bones to the cemetery
Where they still remain

So swing low
Grey bones
I don’t know
If I’ll ever be whole again