Celtic Cross Update #3

Well, the Tombstone is all carved up and painted. I’ve decided to try adding some stray vines to the stone before calling it finished. This should be the last update before I can post the completed prop along with some video footage of the Chiller test.

The names and dates were fabricated at random, and any similarity to any persons either real or fictional are strictly coincidental. For anyone who cannot read the epitaph, it reads as follows:

March 13th, 1803
July 17th, 1866
My bones they lie beneath
these earthen mounds.
Yet cursed, my soul
still walks these
Haunting Grounds.

5 thoughts on “Celtic Cross Update #3

    1. Thank you Brian. Though the project took far longer than I had expected, I couldnt be happier with the outcome. It was definitely time well spent.

    1. Thank you. The work involved in carving this was tideous and tiresome, but the end result made it all worth it.

  1. What and amazing piece of art all of it is just amazing I really enjoy this and can only dream of doing the things you have done thank you for sharing it!

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