Home Haunt 2012

2012 was a difficult year for us due to Hurricane Sandy’s predicted impact. Cody, Bryce, Savannah and I had worked feverishly to get the haunt set up, only to be told by Weathermen that we could expect high winds and heavy rains for the few days leading into Halloween. With the kids back in school, I had to scramble to get the haunt all broken down before the storms hit. In a stroke of luck (though not much luck for many) the storms took an unexpected turn, and passed just to the south of us. We were left with only 1 days worth of moderate wind and some rain. By midafternoon on Tuesday, October 30th, it was evident that Halloween at the Haunting Grounds was back on. In a whirlwind effort, the haunt was thrown back up just in time for trick-or-treating. The weather for the rest of the evening was cooperative, and Halloween night went off without a hitch. It was a bittersweet victory that also came with it’s casualties. We were afforded no time for photos or video of the haunt.

We did have friends stop by who took some photos, so if I can locate any of them, I will include them at a later time.