The Internet is peppered with websites devoted to every topic imaginable. Topics relating to all things “Halloween” have been covered just as much as, if not more than, any others out there. Perhaps this is because the Internet provides so many people with that shroud of anonymity that enables them to enter their comfort zones and subsequently, to let loose with thoughts and feelings that they might otherwise find socially damaging. WYSIWYG editors, Content Management Systems, and free or budget friendly web hosting gives us all the tools to create to our hearts content.

I could create a never-ending list of sites related to Halloween, but I’d rather not waste your time. I have reserved this page for links to the sites that have given me valuable knowledge and resources, and for those that have truly inspired me.

All of the background music for our annual haunt is by Nox Arcana. Their dark ambient music is among the best ive heard, and is perfectly suited to any number of different home haunt themes.

Spooky Blue was one of the first sites I had found that inspired me to get back into creating myown haunts. What a great source of both information, and inspiration.

This is one of the most inspirational sites I have found. There arent many Halloween haunters that aren’t familliar with his work. Every photo fuels thoughts and ideas for a bigger, better haunt. Rot truly knows how to haunt, and haunt right. I’m pretty sure he’s been responsible for great number of nightmares.

John Wolfe and his site, Season of Shadows are an excellent example of Halloween from the heart. Watching the care and detail he puts into his work is infectious. John takes the typical Groundbreaker Corpse to a whole different level. Video updates and live webcam coverage of his haunts on Halloween night make this site one of my favorites.


Scott Stoll has been labled by fellow haunters as the king of Paper Mache, and with very good reason. Scott’s creations are some of the best I’ve seen on the web. He also does a great job of sharing his processes with his readers.

Monsterlist of Halloween Projects

The Monsterlist of Halloween projects is the largest collection of links to Halloween DIY projects that I ever seen. From Air Cannons to Zombies, and every imaginable project in between. This site is a “must have” in the favorites of any Halloween home haunter.