NYcap Haunters group

This is a call out to any and all haunters, home and pro alike, in the New York State Capital region and outlying areas. We have established a group for local haunters to interact and communicate with one another. This group was created with the intent to bring together like-minded people of all different skill levels and interests so that we can all share with, and learn from one another. We’ve hosted a few events, and plan to host a few different types of social gatherings (meet-n-greets, drink-n-thinks and make-n-takes) and group trips.

This is a relatively new group, established in early 2015. While the group does not yet have a website, we do have a social media page on Facebook. This is a private Facebook group, so if you are interested in joining, visit us at NYcap Haunters on Facebook and and submit a request to join us.