This fall, I found myself in need of a quick project with which to line one side of the pathway to my front door. The original plans of a trio of Pumpkinrot style scarecrows had become too big a project to complete in the little time left before the haunt needed to be complete. I needed something quick and easy, that complimented the creepy ambiance that I was after, but didn’t come across as trite. It was in this mindset that the “Blaircrows” were created. A Blaircrow is scarecrow inspired by the stick figures seen in the movie “The Blair Witch Project”


The build on these is extremely simple. You’ll need a skull, some jute twine, a package of Freaky Fabric (or cheese cloth dyed to the desired color) and however many sticks you need to accomplish the body style you choose.

Arrange your sticks together on the ground to get an idea on how the body will look, then lash the sticks together with the Jute twine. You may also choose to screw the sticks together before lashing them, but if you do, make sure that you predrill your holes, and that your lashings cover the screws.

Once the body is complete, mount the skull atop the body and drape the Freaky Fabric over. You may also choose to adorn your Blaircrow with crude beadwork and/or crows feathers, or try using a corpsed skull for a “fresher” look.

It’s that simple. Just about anyone should be able to make several of these within the matter of an hour or two.