PVC Mount

One handy trick that has the potential for numerous applications in home haunting is the ability to mount PVC to various other materials like wood, metal or foam. Mounting a PVC pipe to wood is probably one of the most needed unions of all in the hobby. Mounting a pvc body frame to a wood base. Mounting a PVC arch to a wood based pillar. These are just a few examples of how this can be used.
image There are adapters designed for this purpose, but they may not be readily available for many haunters, so I’ve decided to share the way I do it on a budget. For this project, you will simply need a PVC slip plug and a PVC slip coupling each that corresponds to the size of the PVC Pipe that you are looking to mount, a bolt long enough to accommodate the thickness of the plug (appx 3/16″) plus the thickness of the wood you are mounting to, a standard washer, a lock washer and an appropriately sized nut. All of the necessary parts are available at building supply stores. One thing that you must consider, especially when using smaller PVC like 1/2″, is that both the head of the bolt, nut and lock washer must all be small enough to fit down into the PVC plug.

image Once you have all of your parts ready the first step is to drill a hole, just large enough to accommodate the bolt, through the center of the plug as shown. Next, drill a hole through the wood where you want to mount the PVC. Now, you’ve probably figured the rest out from here, But I’ve included a cut-through example below for clarity’s sake. It should be noted that the bolt can be run through the holes in either direction. The direction of the bolt should be considered based on your own project’s needs.