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Celtic Cross Update #3

Well, the Tombstone is all carved up and painted. I’ve decided to try adding some stray vines to the stone before calling it finished. This should be the last update before I can post the completed prop along with some video footage of the Chiller test.

The names and dates were fabricated at random, and any similarity to any persons either real or fictional are strictly coincidental. For anyone who cannot read the epitaph, it reads as follows:

March 13th, 1803
July 17th, 1866
My bones they lie beneath
these earthen mounds.
Yet cursed, my soul
still walks these
Haunting Grounds.

Celtic Cross Update #2

Well, it’s been a while since I posted the first photos of the Celtic Cross Fog Chiller, and for good reason. The next portion of this project was to complete the front of the base, where the Epitaph was to be bordered by more knotwork. The knotwork border ended up taking a total of 23 hours to carve, which is much more time than I really wanted to spend on it. Nonetheless, it came out looking good, and my peers on Hauntforum.com and HalloweenForum.com all assure me that it was time well spent. The next step is to finish up the epitaph, get it painted up, and give the Fog Chiller a test run.


Celtic Cross Fog Chiller

So after several months of procrastination, I have finally gotten myself moving on a project that has been in the back of my head since Halloween 2009. The original plan was to create an Obelisk Tombstone from Dow foamboard that would double as a fog chiller. The idea was simple; apply the concept of a cat litter bucket vortex chiller into a hollow Obelisk. This would eliminate 2 of the issues facing the use of a cat litter bucket chiller; A. hiding the chiler, and B. insulating the chiller.

Celtic Cross Fog Chiller
The Celtic Cross Fog Chiller, structure and cross details complete.

At the onset of the project, I decided to make a few changes to the overall design. Rather than going with a tall, thin obelisk, I decided to do a Celtic Cross atop a block base. This would allow a shorter, broader base that would provide more stability, and a larger chiller area. This would also give me more opportunity for the detailed tombstone carvings that I enjoy.

After a $40 trip to Lowes for foam, I set my plans in motion. The base/chiller proved to be very simple to build, and took only a few hours. The cross, which proved to be only slightly more difficult, came next. Since the cross was made of two layers, I was able to embed a 1″x1/4″ strip of hardwood down the center for added support. That should prevent the cross from breaking off in any wind. The finished structure stands just over 6′ tall (29″ base, 45″ cross), with the inner dimensions of the chiller being 22″x14″x14″.

Once the structure was finished, I started detailing the cross which took roughly 5 hours to complete. That’s not including the time spent creating the knot-work templates. And now, the hard part awaits. I have just begun carving the knot-work border on the front of the base which, based on what I’ve accomplished in the first 4 hours, I expect will take about 15 hours to complete. Wish me luck, as my eyes and my back are already killing me.

Celtic Cross Fog Chiller
Knot-work details on the Celtic Cross.

13 Moons

13 moons
13 moons

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